Linda Barber

I have always had passion for art and started drawing and painting at a young age and eventually obtained a degree in Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.   For the past thirty years I have been living in Prince Edward County where my painting has mainly focused on the landscape.  The landscape that surrounds my studio is a constant source of inspiration, from the local crops of soy beans and wheat to the vineyards and dramatic shoreline of Lake Ontario.   These scenes are captured using acrylic paint with brush or palette knife in a style I call “painterly realism”.  I juxtapose areas of thin washes next to thick impasto brushstrokes to create a vibrant and textured surface, attempting to capture colour and light conditions.  As I explore this technique I find am less interested in translating the subject matter exactly.  I invite the viewer to enter into the painting and make their own emotional connection, or evoke some personnel memory.