Jesus Estavez

I am an oil painter, and I paint in the realist manner. My subjects are of what I observe around me, such as; cityscapes, landscapes, still life compositions, portraits and animals. There is much beauty in our surroundings. I paint this so we can see the mundane as it really is, alive and full of beautiful colours and shapes.  What captures my attention are subjects we can all relate to. I reflect what we all see around us everyday on my canvases.

I am very open to different subjects; one day painting a sunrise, or a bridge after a big snow storm, and then onto the fruits that are on the kitchen counter, the face of an old friend or my dog.

The most important criteria in choosing a subject is the way it plays with the light which can change a boring cityscape into a gorgeous one. To me, this is where my work starts, looking at my surroundings and getting inspired.

I find painting as many other arts a way of communication, so I communicate the beauty that I find in front of me.

I could keep going talking about my paintings, but what I really would like is that my paintings talk to you. Take your time looking at them and they will tell you their history, their beauty their inner life and they will tell you something about all that in yourself. You can find my work on my blog, or find me on Instagram.